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Am I Worthy?

When did we allow our martial status to validate our self-worth? Because no one has asked you to marry or agreed to marry you?

It should never and can never take away your value!

To your Heavenly Father you are the Apple of His Eye….Chosen (John 15:16),¬† Valuable (Matt 10:31), Precious (1 Peter 2:4), Special (1 Peter 2:9)

It is difficult when you desire marriage and you’re not meeting any potential mates or are overlooked or told “I’m not interested” you can begin to question yourself¬† “what is really wrong with me?” when there are so many things that are right with you!

Stand strong in the Love of God

Do not let your single status define whether you are worthy of love or not because Jesus already proved that you are!

Stand strong in the Love of God, know who you are in Christ. Trust Gods timing in your life, because He makes all things beautiful in HIS time.

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