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Am I Worthy?


When did we allow our martial status to validate our self-worth? Because no one has asked you to marry or agreed to marry you? It should never and can never take away your value! To your Heavenly Father you are the Apple of His Eye….Chosen (John 15:16),  Valuable (Matt 10:31), ... Read More »

Shame & Singleness


  The “shame of still being” single approaching 30, 40, having a string of failed relationships or NO relationships, not being invited to parties with married couples, never having a plus one for an invite Singles and Shame is a very common. The shame of people thinking “what is wrong ... Read More »

In This Season


It’s the time of the year when we focus on and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and we remember the story of His humble beginning. This is a season when family and loved ones are getting together for the Christmas season. Everyone is talking about gifts they are ... Read More »

What Are You Saying?


You are trapped by the saying of your mouth and you are taken by the speech of your lips. Proverbs 6:2 Have you ever said “I’ll never get married” “but it’s too late for me to get married” “no one will ever marry me” then you may be trapped by ... Read More »

What is RIGHT with me?


But by the grace (the unmerited favor and blessing) of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not [found to be] for nothing (fruitless and without effect).  1 Corinthians 15:10 When was the last time you were in a relationship? When is the last time ... Read More »

My Times are in Your Hand


My times are in your Hand. Psalm 31:1 When you’re believing in God for a mate, trusting God in His timing takes great patience and faith. It will happen and on God’s timetable not ours. This is where frustration, bitterness, anxiety and all sorts of emotions come from – not ... Read More »