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No Dates? – Women keep turning me down!


In addition to spiritual advice, here are some practical tips on approaching and asking a woman out on a date. When you see a woman you are attracted to:

      • Be yourself. If you feel you need to change anything about yourself that’s fine but it should be for God and yourself only i.e. dress the way you normally would, because you can only keep pretending for so long. 1 Corinthians 15:10
      • Be confident. Confidence is very attractive to a woman.
      • Be courteous. Start by striking up conversation first, don’t just ask for her number, women are more attracted to what they hear, introduce yourselves engage her in small talk, if she seems not interested then don’t ask for her number.
      • Be honest. Don’t tell lies, faking an interest in anything just to get her attention will only come back and bite you.
      • Be traditional. Always ask for her number, leave emails, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp for later after you talk on the telephone or meet up again.
      • Be respectful. Don’t be aggressive or pushy or keep asking ‘why’ if she should say no to you, move on.
      • Be positive, don’t take any rejection personally
      • Finally, Be a Godly Gentleman at all times

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