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You Don’t NEED to Get Married



You’re ready to get married, when you don’t need to get married”  Dr Myles Munroe


It may take a few seconds to digest that statement, it even seems contradictory at first.

We all have needs and wants (or desires). You should have a desire to get married never a need.

If you’re not happy, content and satisfied as a single person, and you think you need to get married to solve your unhappiness or loneliness…sorry but it won’t.

You will not be any different when you are married. You will take those same issues into your marriage and then blame your spouse when you’re back to being unhappy and lonely.

You must be a whole person before you meet your spouse, because marriage is two whole people coming together, not two halves.

When you think you need marriage to be ‘complete’ you, that opens you up to jealousy, neediness, manipulation, clinginess, loss of self-control or self-identity etc.

Your spouse will complement you, not complete you, because you are already complete in Christ!


“You are marriage material when you can bring contribution and value to someone else’s life

When you discover truth about yourself and value about yourself; that you will be an asset to someone else and not a deficit

It’s important to discover your purpose, potential and be pursuing plans for your life before you even meet the one you want to marry

When you are separate you know you are important

When you are unique you know you have quality

When you are whole you won’t need anyone to make you complete.”  Dr Myles Munroe


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