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When Will I Get Married? Quiz

1. Are you hoping to get married in the future?
Yes No

2. Why do you want to get married?
The wedding - I just love weddings!
To reflect the Glory of God
I hate going everywhere alone
I need a live-in cook/handyman

3. You have an unpleasant breakup with another potential spouse, do you:
Pray, I'm hurting but I know my mate is still on the way
Slip into deep depression, saying "God, what is wrong with me?"
Say I give up, it's not worth it anymore
Take time out to heal and move on, then try again

4. Currently the men/women you're dating are:
What men/women? I’m in a dating drought!
Christians, though you've yet to meet your match
Non-Christians – They'll give their lives to Christ, I can change them, right?
Dating? can't we skip all that and just get married!

5. You're in a relationship with a potential spouse but things are not progressing as fast as you'd like. You bump into your single Ex and s/he asks you out, do you:
Say maybe, so you can go and pray about it
Turn him/her down - you don’t want to go back there
Say yes - your current relationship is going nowhere and you never know your Ex might have changed
Say yes - but tell them upfront you’re in a relationship

6. Are you currently excelling in your chosen career/business/education?
No, stuck on the same level
Yes, thank God, I’m moving up every day
No, I’d like to excel at getting married first
No, I’m undecided, I’m praying for direction

7. Have you already started planning your wedding day?
Yes, I’ve put a deposit on my dress/suit! Just need to find a mate
No, not thought about it
Kind of, but I’ll wait for my mate so we can plan it together
What wedding? Will God ever release me from singleness?

8. You have a serious issue that you need help with. What do you do:
Keep it to myself – don’t want anyone in my business
Speak to my parents or friends
Pray and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit
Get help from the church