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Why Am I Still Single? Quiz

1. Are you married?
No Yes
2. Why do you want to get married?
I hate being single
To help each other better serve God
To share my life with that special someone
To keep my parents quiet
2. The guy/girl you’re in a relationship with has lost their faith, but still wants to be with you, do you:
Go on a 40 day prayer and fast for their salvation
Say s/he loves me, it doesn’t matter, does it?
Let them go, you prefer someone who has faith in God
Drag them back to church to cast out those demons!
3. You're on the train home from work, you sit next to a couple talking about their wedding plans and snuggling up together. Your reaction is:
Smile - that'll be me someday, thank you Jesus
Cough loudly to let them know they're making fools of themselves
Get off at the next stop and curse the devil for tormenting you
Say a silent prayer for them and ask the Lord for patience
4. Do you go to singles events at your church and/or other churches?
Yes, I go to every event possible
No way - that'll make me look desperate!
Not anymore - they remind me how I've failed to get married
Sometimes, for encouragement and to meet new friends
5. Your parents set you up on a blind date. You turn up at the restaurant and it's an Ex your parents didn't know. Your reaction is:
Laugh over it together then go your separate ways
Call and scream at your parents!
Walk out declaring "no weapon formed against me shall prosper!"
Carry on the date - maybe God has a purpose and plan
6. Do you serve in any church ministry?
Of course, this way I'll get noticed by my future wife/husband
No, I’m too busy looking for my wife/husband
Yes, serving is spiritually rewarding
Not yet, still praying about which area of ministry
7. Your potential spouse suddenly dumps you. You find out through a friend it's because of your weight gain. Do you:
Start 'fasting' to lose the weight to get him/her back
Quote 1 Samuel 16:7 and say "NEXT"
Notice maybe I could shed some weight, but for me not for her/him!
Call and try to reason with her/him so you two can get back together
8. Have you tried Christian dating websites?
Christian dating sites, do they exist?
Haha....very funny!
No, that's just desperate, I'll just sit here and wait on the Lord
Yes, I haven't met anyone I connect with yet, but hopefully soon