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Will I Be Single Forever? Quiz

1. Do you want to get married?
Yes No

2. Why do you want to get married?
Well, everyone else is getting married
To show people there's nothing wrong with me
For suitable companionship and love
For the wedding night, why else!

3. So you’re in a relationship with a potential spouse, s/he says “let’s be more intimate, I am going to marry you”. What do you do:
Well yes - we will get married eventually
No and shout “Get thee behind me satan!”
No and pray for, and with your potential spouse for patience
Yes - if I say no s/he might not marry me

4. You go on a few dates with a guy/girl you believe is ‘The One’ but they end up saying “let’s just be friends”, your reaction is:
Ask them why and plead all your reasons why you two should be together
Start binding demonic powers and pray for the Lord to open their eyes to see you’re soulmates
Say OK, then discuss it with your best friend and devise strategies to win them over
Say OK, thanks for being honest, sure let’s be friends

5. Do you have criteria for your the one you want to marry?
No, I haven’t thought about it actually
Of course! Down to the shoe size!
No point, all men/women are the same really
Well, whoever God decides to bring to me will do

6. A potential spouse wants to go out for a Sunday daytrip but you're serving in church, do you say:
Yes - you have a feeling s/he is The One
No sorry, I'm serving in church
No and suggest they come to church with you
Yes – if I say no they might dump me, God forbid!

7. You’re at a friends party and everyone is paired up and asking you why you’re still single, your reaction is:
Start speaking in tongues and get them all to pray for your deliverance!
Smile and say "I haven't come across a suitable match yet"
Go into detail about all your failed past relationships and ask them if they can recommend anyone
You say you’d rather not talk about it and instead tell them what God has done in your life

8. Your best friend is getting married and you're the first person s/he tells. Do you:
Feel excited for him/her – you can't wait to be bestman/maid of honour
Cry out “My God! why hast thou forsaken me!”
Good luck to him/her, but you can't see the attraction
Another one! You're starting to get worried all of your friends are getting married except you