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Will I Ever Get Married? Quiz

1. Do you want to get married?
Yes No

2. Why do you want to get married?
I don't want to die alone, Lord send anybody!
To raise God fearing children
To be a provider/helpmeet
For a second income – two are better than one right?

3. You're on a tight budget this month, but you see those jeans you want on sale. Do you:
Buy them on your credit card - you only live once!
Wait for next month - if they're meant to be yours they'll be there
Walk away - you have to stick to your budget
Beg your mum or dad to get them for you as a gift quoting Luke 6:38

4. You're in your local newsagents looking at magazines. You notice the wedding section, your reaction is:
You may buy one - it's handy to know the styles for weddings, if not for me, a friend
Sigh and think ‘When is it going to be my turn Lord’
Put down your magazines, leave the newsagents and ‘shake off the dust of your feet’
I didn’t know there was a wedding section?

5. You’re home alone on a Friday night and your married friends need help with babysitting. You say:
Yes - but the sight of babies makes you cry “God where's my 'Quiver full'!”
No, you’ve got a date – don’t want them to think you’ve got no life
Yes, you will be glad to help, someday in the future my spouse and I might need help with our kids
No - you think why should you help their marriage, I just want my own.

6. Do you have any goals or a vision for your life?
Yes, I know exactly what I want and where I’m going
No, I’m waiting until I get married, then I’ll get a vision
Kind of, still praying and working out what I want
No, just take each day as it comes

7. Your old friend who stole your First Love 10 years ago in school, invites you to their wedding. Your reaction is:
Tear up the invitation and rebuke the devil
Call and congratulate them but say you cannot attend – you know it’s too painful for you
Attend and hire an escort to go with you so they don’t see you’re still single
Call saying you will attend (by yourself) and ask if you can be of service.

8. Who is the most important person(s) in your life right now?
My family and friends
No one, it should be my spouse by now
My pets
My work colleagues