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Shame & Singleness


The “shame of still being” single approaching 30, 40, having a string of failed relationships or NO relationships, not being invited to parties with married couples, never having a plus one for an invite
Singles and Shame is a very common.
The shame of people thinking “what is wrong with her/him” for not being married yet. Brene Brown in her book “I thought it was just me but it isn’t” talks about Shame.
For some singles shame is a huge issue particularly in some cultures. You’re at a family gathering and in front of many of your relatives an aunt says aloud “you’re still single, what’s wrong with you, you’re not getting any younger your 31 for Gods sake!….” and she continues to discuss reasons why your single in front of all your family, she means well but doesn’t realise the embarrassment she is causing you.

There is NO SHAME in being single

There is NO SHAME in being single
There is nothing “wrong” with you
Let go of what people think or say

Have a safe outlet, someone you can trust, someone who will listen and not judge you. Don’t allow anyone to take you out of your place of peace and fill you with fear and anxiety about your status. More often than not it’s them projecting their own feelings on you.

God is an On Time God. He is never late.

Don’t allow the “shame of being single” prevent you from enjoying your life, getting out and having fun with your single and married friends, being a ‘third wheel’ isn’t ideal but you never know where God will set up your divine connection!

Be open, stay open, for a move of God in your life!

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