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Ten Commandments for Winning Decisions

  1. Control impulsiveness. Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation.
  2. Beware of blind spots. Make sure that you are not driving your decisions toward destruction.
  3. Delegate with confidence. Surround yourself with people who are wise and competent. Empower them to perform and do not become intimidated by their expertise.
  4. Consider all the options and accept responsibility for your final decision. Stop, look, and listen for wise counsel but always sift it through your own heart before final conclusions are made. Pray for guidance.
  5. Never go to war where there are no spoils. Choose your battles wisely and make sure that what you fight for is worth the price you pay.
  6. Be accurately informed. Make sure that you have all available facts before deciding anything. Conjecture will inevitably lead to crisis.
  7. Contemplate the consequences. Consider all options and their possible results before acting on any of them.
  8. Take calculated risks. Do not allow your expectations to exceed the practical potentials and realities of your resources. Hope for the best possible outcome or solution but be prepared for a loss.
  9. Be cost-effective with time. If the return is not greater than the investment, then the endeavor is not worth your time.
  10. Survive in order to thrive. Allow yourself a 10 percent ratio to be wrong, a 50 percent likelihood of betrayal, and a 100 percent commitment to survive it all.


Extract from “Maximize the Moment” by Bishop T.D. Jakes

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