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The Gift: Your Time Will Come


There were two little sisters Amy and Sue, both playing at home, when their Father walks in with a huge gift for Sue. Sue was excited, opens her gift, thanks her Father and starts playing with her gift. He walks out of the room, Amy looks on in shock because she didn’t get a gift.

Amy starts becoming envious of her sister, starts throwing a tantrum and complaining, “Where’s my gift? What did you do to deserve it? I eat all my vegetables and say my prayers before bedtime, I am a good girl, this is not fair, and why does Daddy love you more than me? I want one. Daddy knows I want one too, He doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t love me anymore!”

While Amy was crying and moaning she didn’t see her Father behind her with a huge gift for her, He heard all she was saying and tip-toed back out of the room and didn’t give her the gift. He came back into the room empty handed and sat down. Sue ignored Amy and was busy enjoying her gift, while Amy sulked in the corner. She came running to her Father and said “Where is mine, what did I do wrong? I really wanted one of those too Daddy. It’s not fair.”

Crying, her Father picked her up and said, “You know I love you, I want to give you gifts and make you happy. Why did you say I love Sue more than you? Why could you not be happy for Sue instead of being jealous? Why does giving Sue a gift and not you, mean that I care less about you? You are both my daughters.”

Amy felt bad and said “I’m sorry Daddy I know you love me and you’ve always been a good Daddy.” She hugged Him and went to say sorry to Sue and they played together.

Their Father left the room and came back after a few hours with Amy’s gift. Amy was so thrilled and jumped up to get her gift.

She said “Daddy why didn’t you say before you got me one too?” He said “I was ready to give you the gift at the same time as Sue but you weren’t ready to receive it, because of your behavior and attitude you had to wait a little longer.” Amy said “I know Daddy, I’ll never doubt you again.” Amy and Sue hugged Him and they both said “We love you Daddy”.

Let us not become vainglorious and self-conceited, competitive and challenging and provoking and irritating to one another, envying and being jealous of one another. Galatians 5:26 (AMP)

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