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Am I Marriage Material? Quiz

1. Do you believe in the holiness of marriage?
Yes No

2. Why do you want to get married?
It is God's will for my life
To complete me
I'm not getting any younger!
My life is empty - my spouse will fill the void

2. You’re at (another) friends wedding and his parents come up to you asking “Don’t you want to get married?” Your reaction is:
You tell them you're not in a relationship yet and talk with them about married life
Fall into their arms and cry “Why is God is punishing me?Pray for me!
Say “its none of your business!” and leave early
You tell them you haven't met the right person yet and slip away to avoid further questioning

3. It’s Friday night, you call all your friends to go out, everyone is busy with their spouses or on dates. What do you do:
Get out your marriage scriptures and pray all night for a breakthrough!
Call your parents/grandparents and offer to take them to dinner
Go to bed early - I just hate my life
Jump in your car and take yourself out on the town

4. You escort a friend to a house party, and you happen to see a photo of a married couple on the wall and realize it’s the Ex who left you for someone else! Your reaction is:
Start pleading the blood of Jesus (out loud!)
Run out of the house quick, for fear of him/her showing up
Complement the photo and ask how they know the couple
Sigh - maybe that's who s/he left me for, I hope they’re happy

5. You meet an Ex and their spouse at church, fresh from their honeymoon. Your reaction is:
Laugh and say "YOU?, you actually got married?"
Congratulate them - as painful as it is and ask God for peace
Congratulate them, pray for them and thank God for your own spouse
Go home and invite the devil for a Pity Party

6. Do you attend any marriage seminars or conferences at church?
Why? Just so all those married couples can make me feel bad, no thanks!
Yes, so I can get an insight into married life
Sometimes, to meet couples and ask for them for advice
No, there's no point. I'll wait until I'm married

7. How many marriage verses from the Bible can you quote?
Errm, none
7 +

8. You're hanging out with single friends and some say "there's a chance we'll never get married you know". What do you say:
Encourage your friends to trust and hope in the Lord
Cry out "I know, God wants us to suffer all the days of our lives!"
Whip out your bible and give a mini sermonette on why you will be getting married
Say "O ye of little faith" and leave