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Why Am I Not Married? Quiz

1. Are you single?
Yes No

2. Why do you want to get married?
To have a Christ-centered union
They keep telling me at church I should get married
To buy a house
Why not?!

2. What are the benefits of your season of singleness?
I do what I like, when I like, go where I like!
I spend more time on my relationship with God
Benefits? Are you trying to be funny?
I can pour myself into helping family, friends and others

3. It's summer and you're at a barbeque, you meet a guy/girl you instantly connect with. Do you:
Tell all your family and friends you've found The One
Meet up with him/her again to see where it goes
Get your diary out and start choosing wedding dates
Pray about it asking for guidance and discernment

4. What do you think of pre-marriage counselling?
Itís a waste of time, just get married, life is too short!
It is somehow useful but you never know someone until you married them
Donít ask me, Iím single remember!
Itís very important in preparation for marriage

5. It's February 14th St. Valentine's Day, you're on your own (again). What do you do:
Valentine's Day? Whatís that?
Buy all your single friends flowers and chocolates
Find someone, anyone, I can't be seen alone!
Pray earnestly in hope that you will meet your spouse TODAY!

6. You see an Ex, s/he boldly tells you you're NOT going to get married because of the reason you broke up. Your reaction is:
Quote 2 Corinthians 5:17 and tell her/him that you will get married
Burst into tears and say "it's true!"
Get into a heated argument with him/her and cause a public scene
Walk away saying "the devil is a liar!"

7. Youíre at a New Years Eve party and everyone has their spouse and children with them and you come alone, some say ďYou must be really lonelyĒ. What do you say:
No, Iím just fine - then slip off into the bathroom and sulk
Yes but Iím holding on to His promise for my life
No, God said Heíd never leave me nor forsake me
Yes Iím so lonely and God wonít answer my prayers, I'm gonna die alone!

8. A married couple you're talking to react to your age "You're running out of time! You need to get married and have kids soon before it's too late". Your reaction is:
You tell them you just got out of a relationship and need some time to heal first
Cry out "I'm getting old I feel like Abraham/Sarah I thought there was 'nothing too hard for the Lord?'"
Call up your Ex, grovel and say you want to get back together
Smile and say "I'm not running out of time, I'd rather make sure it is the right person than rush"